Parcel Savings

Situation Analysis

GMN Partners takes a unique approach to assisting our clients with their shipping and logistics challenges. Our consultants have worked with nearly all the popular shipping software providers and carrier options in the US and around the world over the past 15 years. We provide a completely free consultation and carrier rates analysis to any product-based business of any size and assist them in finding the best options for their business.

Our consultants can review your current shipping process, carriers, rates, software, technology, hardware, supplies and more. After the initial consultation, GMN Partners can prepare a full and detailed analysis of exactly how much your company can save by using the optimal shipping and fulfillment strategy with our exclusive discounts.

Qualify for Free Shipping Software

GMN Partners has many software partners in shipping and logistics. We have access to many systems that are completely free with our discounted rates. We also have agreements that allow us to offer many different software systems at substantial discounts or at no cost with a basic qualification process. We provide a breakdown of the best software systems for your company’s specific needs and goals and detail special pricing available through GMN Partners.


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