Time To Generate Productivity & Savings

After spending a couple of decades in the corporate world, it was time for a change with more of the same.  Yes, I stated that correctly.  I realized that most of my productivity came from having powerful partners who specialized in very complimentary field which dominate our times.  For instance, our way of shopping has always changed but that trend has truly accelerated during the past decade with the dominance of ecommerce.  Then Covid hit which created multi-generational change in just days.  Ordering online and having goods shipped to our homes so that we did not put our health at risk.  The placed increased importance on parcel shipping to deliver products to our houses.  This also meant an increased importance on freight because retailers had to get the right products to the right warehouses in order to shorten lead times.  We specialize in removing costs from the parcel & freight expense lines while increasing reliability.  We do so without long term agreements and without huge upfront costs because we make money when you save it.  A true partnership.

While shipping goods has been a transcendent change. so has the need to communicate with diverse cultures within our country as well as around the world.  Our communication must be accurate which creates the need for translation to other languages.  We’ve been involved in the printing business for years and translation is a core need for a majority of my international customers who rely on precise language to instruct people to use products.  If you find yourself looking to connect with markets which speak other languages, now is the time to reach out because we have the best in the business and they are ready to listen to your needs and create a game plan to achieve your goals.

When companies sell their products, they understand a strong brand is critical to thrive in challenging times.  Customers need products which deliver on the brand promises and the best way to remind them that you are the best solution is with decals and metal nameplates to ensure customers do not forget your brand.  While many have transitioned to decals, it is important to make sure your branding lasts for years in many product categories and few companies have remained in the metal nameplate category and we can offer access to the most reliable vendor in the world.  When branding is important, GMN Partners is there to deliver on printed materials to make sure your customers repurchase your products because they remember your name.

The time for action is now.  Please give us a call or complete the contact us form on the site to begin to increase productivity while removing costs to redeploy those valuable resources to grow your business.


Your company is burning profits post Covid-19 at a higher rate.

We are here to help!

Our AI drives costs from your transportation process, fueling company growth and profit.

In most cases, we save companies 15% – 30% which is significant to any company.


You can increase sales or decrease expenses to improve cash flow.

  • We can help with both!

How do you capture value in your holdings?

  • Analyze variable costs and take action to reduce and sustain
  • Analyze all revenue streams and increase where you can

Prior to acquiring a new holding, is there an opportunity in the current freight model?

  • What costs are being managed currently?
    • Is Freight one of them?
  • What other revenue streams are available to maximize?
    • Is freight one of them?

How can you ensure that your holdings are reducing Green House Gases?

  • Are you benefiting from the efficiencies of your cost centers?

How can you manage a cost center by investing?

  • We can show you savings prior to you spending $1.
  • Our insourced solution delivers prior to invoicing.


The good news is that we only need 20 minutes to get on the road to these savings.  We make the process easy and show you how much you will save before we start the project.  No long term commitment, we prove our value every month. Are you ready to take action?


How does the freight management of your portfolio companies compare to those of the “Best in Class”???
Many companies do not understand the freight process leading to mis-management. Our 33-years of experience with insourced freight management proves this. Analyzing freight data through our proprietary software provides clients with:

  • Improved service
  • Rate reductions
  • Improved process efficiencies
  • New technologies and methods


No Cost Evaluation
We provide our study at no cost to you. Please provide formatted data for us to use within our algorithm. Within two business days we will present our findings in a live on-line meeting with your staff.


Immediate Savings
Upon your approval to proceed, our operations team will immediately take action. Our Clients realize an annual average reduction of 27%+ on their freight expenses.


Improved Customer Service
Each monthly, we provide technology and suggestions for better visibility to your unique process. Your team in turn makes better business decisions.


Minimal to No Disruption Cost
We never make any decisions on your behalf. Opportunities to improve your freight process are brought to your attention. If you decide to act, our operations team will handle the implementation at your desired pace. We are an acting member of your team.


No Risk
We do not require any contract and simply operate off of a letter of authority. If at any time you no longer need our services we need a 30-day notice in writing. Many of our Clients have been with us for 12 years+.

Please complete the contact us form or call now.  Thank you for the opportunity to simplify your freight process and save you money.


Product-Based Companies That Ship Products By Parcel:

  • Assist with every aspect of their shipping and fulfillment
  • Warehouse and shipping software implementation, training, and optimization
  • Review and improve all carrier contracts, rates, and service options
  • Review, revamp, redesign and streamline warehouse operations
  • Explore and implement best options for flexible fulfillment/use of 3PLs
  • Improve average delivery time and reduce shipping costs


Parcel Shipping & Logistics Service And Software Providers:

  • Review services, offering, strategy, and market fit/demand
  • Marketing and lead generation campaigns
  • Sales process review and training
  • Add new partnerships and revenue streams
  • Outsourced and peak season sales team


Why GMN Partners:

Our consultants have experience with all the leading shipping software providers and warehouse management systems. Many of these systems have become a part of our network.  However, we will not limit ourselves and often recommend software solutions outside of our primary networks. Our goal is simple – use our wealth of experience and expertise to make sure your business is presented with the best shipping options for your business needs.